Webinar: Integrating Security Testing into your Azure Pipelines

Following a popular response from the launch of our Azure Pipeline Integration we have decided to run a webinar exploring the benefits of testing in the SDLC with a deep dive into our integration and how this can help you deliver cheaper and faster security coverage, at lower cost and with greater assurance.


When: Thursday 13th August – 11am or 3pm [BST]



Azure Pipelines offer a simple way for teams to build repeatable and automated workflows integrating build, test, package and release steps in a neatly visualised and centrally managed cloud toolchain. However, security can often be divorced from software development, leading to friction, frustration and delays.
We show you step-by-step how the Azure Pipeline integrations works, as well as useful implementation tips and explain the benefits such an approach can bring to your organisation.



Why test in the SDLC?
A brief journey of how our services have developed over time and why the Azure plugin was important to us
Product Demo – how to configure a scan
Azure DevOps – how it integrates
What information can I get? What are the main benefits?

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