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AppCheck & The GDPR

AppCheck & The GDPR at a glance Download the pdf here Appcheck and GDPR There is no doubt that the GDPR is serious business. AppCheck has noticed a significant shift in focus by company executives, taking a much more active interest in security matters since the GDPR, and specifically the fines were introduced. Naturally, with […]

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Detecting Delayed Execution Vulnerabilities

AppCheck Sentinel Blind XSS Video Demo AppCheck Sentinel is an external monitoring system designed to detect Out-of-Band events such as DNS Lookups and HTTP requests. Its’ function in Web Application scanning is to aid the detection of vulnerabilities that cannot be identified through the use of conventional scanning techniques. Traditional Scanning Techniques Traditionally, vulnerabilities such […]

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AppCheck-NG Updated to Detect CVE-2015-0235 (a.k.a. GHOST)

The “GHOST” vulnerability is a security flaw within a key component of the Linux Operating System. The affected component “gethostbyname” is found in the Linux GNU C Library that is used by all Linux programs. If an attacker can pass a specially crafted hostname to the affected function it may be possible to execute malicious […]

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AppCheck NG Updated to Discover Critical OpenSSL Bug “Heartbleed”

UPDATE (11/04/2014): Proof of Concept exploit module added to AppCheck NG: Screenshot On 7th April 2014 a group of security researchers disclosed a critical security flaw in the popular cryptographic software library OpenSSL. The Heartbleed Bug allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. OpenSSL is […]

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