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Hunting HTML 5 PostMessage Vulnerabilities

Download Paper: Hunting postMessage Vulnerabilities Download Sample Code: sample code AppCheck partnered with Sec-1 Ltd (http://www.sec-1.com) to undertake a research project investigating the security challenges posed by next generation web applications. The project included an investigation of Cross-Origin communication mechanisms provided via HTML5 including postMessage and CORS. One of the key findings from the research […]

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Detecting Delayed Execution Vulnerabilities

AppCheck Sentinel Blind XSS Video Demo AppCheck Sentinel is an external monitoring system designed to detect Out-of-Band events such as DNS Lookups and HTTP requests. Its’ function in Web Application scanning is to aid the detection of vulnerabilities that cannot be identified through the use of conventional scanning techniques. Traditional Scanning Techniques Traditionally, vulnerabilities such […]

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HTML 5 Security

In this video series we discuss the common security flaws encountered in HTML5 enabled websites. Our focus is around Cross-Origin communication  through postMessage and CORS. Download Presentation : AppCheck NG – HTML5 Code Samples Download: Sample Code Part 1: Same Origin Policy Basics In this video we introduce HTML5 and the Same Origin Policy. If […]

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