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  • Discover zero days, plus 100,000+ known security flaws (CVEs), plus full OWASP vulnerability coverage including injection, XSS, RCE
  • Intelligent and versatile configuration means you can launch scans in seconds
  • Save time with a practical workflow management system
  • Thoroughly scan and test your APIs including WSDL, Swagger and Graph QL end points for security flaws
  • Conduct checks throughout the application life cycle, from development to production
  • Compatible with Jira and TeamCity, as well as other development tools
  • Crawls modern complex applications such as SPAs
  • Flex key user journeys and complete multi-stage authentication via a scriptable browser interface

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It has become a fundamental part of our website deployment process, with all new releases being scanned prior to going live which has enabled us to identify zero day vulnerabilities and delay releases until they have been resolved.Saint Gobain

Don't just take our word for it, see how we helped global retailers Music Magpie save time and money whilst providing a more detailed view of their security posture.

'[AppCheck] provides us with a tool we can use whenever we want rather than the position we were in before of getting visibility twice a year and being charged for anything outside that. It puts the power back with us and arms us with everything we need to stay on top of vulnerabilities.'

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