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Licensing & Scalability


AppCheck NG is deployed as a SaaS model with licensing being based on the number of URL’s and IP’s. There are multiple licence bandings available, catering from single domains through to unlimited. Each licence allows completely unlimited scanning and gives unlimited users.


There are multiple levels of access available for various stakeholders with all licence models, from admin users who can add and delete users, view users' activity logs and company’s logs, edit users' roles, create and delete scan definitions and manage reports through to auditors who just have visibility of reports and discovered vulnerabilities.


AppCheck NG is a SaaS web application vulnerability scanner which means that there are no hardware costs, you can achieve faster deployment times, improve scalability all of which require no additional burden on management.

AppCheck NG Net

AppCheck NG Net is a peer-to-peer message routing infrastructure with a simple API for quickly writing apps that exchange messages wherever they are (e.g. behind a firewall, in the data centre etc). This allows for flexible and secure deployment of AppCheck NG Agents across disparate sites to improve scalability of the AppCheck platform.

Promiscuous “Anywhere Connection”

The promiscuous nature of the Agent means that anywhere there is a connection to the internet, the Agent will seek to connect to Sec-1Net.

Trust relationship of the colony

Each organisation may deploy multiple agents into their colony with each agent searching for connection to AppCheck NG Net. It's time bound to ensure that when a licence expires the Agents permission to communicate with AppCheck NG Net is terminated. The trust relationship ensures that only AppCheck NG Agents can connect to AppCheck NG Net and that AppCheck NG Net can communicate with the Agents. This provides confidence that the network is secure and resilient to attackers who may want to gain access to confidential scan results.

AppCheck NG Agents

An AppCheck NG Agent is a stateless stripped version of the AppCheck NG Scanning Engine to be used for the local deployment of scanning services. This is beneficial as it protects bandwidth and perimeter defence resources.

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