129 million vulnerabilities detected across 1,500+ organisations and counting

Overcome your security hurdles

Scan APIs, SPAs, Infrastructure & Modern Web Apps

Thoroughly scan and test your Single Page Apps (SPAs) and APIs including Swagger (Open API), GraphQL and SOAP endpoints for security flaws, with our powerful browser based crawler.

Technology Agnostic

AppCheck takes a first principles approach to vulnerability detection, and therefore is not bound to any platform or framework. Dynamic fuzzing technology allows visibility of the true and deeper attack surface.

Manage your security like a team 10x your size

Whether you are scanning 1 or 1,000 applications or hosts, discover and manage the latest security flaws like a team ten times the size. Each licence offers unlimited scans and unlimited users so you can share findings across all teams and scale as you grow.

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Comprehensive Coverage for Every Asset

Internal and External - Cover your whole estate

Internal, External, Cloud or Self-hosted. AppCheck is designed to cover and test each layer of an organisation’s key IT systems for vulnerabilities, in one seamless and intuitive solution. We've got you covered, at every level and for every asset in your organisation.

Instantaneous vulnerability coverage

Powerful DAST testing coupled with hourly updates from our VulnFeed service enables you to protect your whole organisation from zero-days and 100,000+ known security flaws.

See what attackers see

Identify your complete attack surface and see what is visible and accessible to attackers on the outside. As well as DAST and VulnFeed, the scanner also performs active checks to identify other vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations which a malicious hacker may pursue in order to gain access to your systems or data.


What does a next generation scanner look like?

Our proprietary scan engine is specifically dedicated to robust, SPA-specific vulnerability scanning.

Learn more…

Thoroughly scan and test your APIs including Swagger (Open API), GraphQL and SOAP endpoints for security flaws. Learn more…

GoScript is a custom scripting language that has been developed in-house by AppCheck penetration testers to model user journeys and complete multi-step flows through complex web applications. Learn more…

AppCheck’s uses a propriety known vulnerability database (VulnFeed) which is constantly updated with the hundreds of vulnerabilities that are published every day, allowing new vulnerabilities to be reported as soon as possible. Each vulnerability in VulnFeed is reviewed by AppCheck’s team to ensure high levels of consistency and accuracy of the information.

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Uncover vulnerabilities overlooked by other tools

As well as using a database of static signatures of known weaknesses, the AppCheck platform applies a rigorous test methodology and sends payloads to tease out even previously unknown weaknesses in the same way a hacker or penetration tester would. 

Detect hidden issues which can only be identified through advanced out-of-band detection techniques

Automated detection of vulnerabilities often thought to require manual penetration testing, such as Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathers information that can be seeded into the assessment process

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Scalable Solutions for Modern Organisations

AppCheck adapts to growing teams, expanding estates, new technologies and business challenges

Each license offers unlimited scans and unlimited users so you can share findings across all teams

Save hundreds of hours of precious resource and focus on those projects you've been meaning to get around to

Link with your existing development tools or use our open API for complex builds as you grow

Make application security more efficient

Enable your security team to focus on what matters

AppCheck provides a detailed report listing the potential impact, a technical narrative detailing how the flaw was detected and detailed remediation advice

Deliver automated vulnerability testing through your build servers such as MS Azure DevOps, Jenkins and Team City

Safe exploitation of vulnerabilities to demonstrate impact and reduce false positives (proof of exploit)

All the information you need to stay on top of your security posture

Quickly identify areas that need improving as well as where you're winning

Group scans into one report for visibility of individual users or entire departments

Assign and prioritise vulnerability remediation to nominated members of your team

Whether you just want to run a quick scan or are a power user who needs ultimate control, AppCheck allows complete flexibility.

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