Web Application Scanning

Web Application Scanning is a vulnerability scanning technique whereby software is used to identify security flaws within websites, applications, network, and cloud infrastructure. It provides you with the information needed to resolve these issues before they can be exploited by potential attackers.

AppCheck combines open source intelligence gathering and a sophisticated browser based crawling engine to identify application components that could be vulnerable to attack.


Web Application Scanner Features

 Discover zero days, plus 100,000+ known security flaws (CVEs), plus full OWASP vulnerability coverage including injection, XSS, RCE and more…

Intelligent and versatile configuration means you can launch scans in seconds

Save time with a practical workflow management system

Thoroughly scan and test your APIs including WSDL, Swagger and Graph QL end points for security flaws

Conduct checks throughout the application life cycle, from development to production

Compatible with Jira and TeamCity, as well as other development tools

Crawls modern complex applications such as SPAs

Flex key user journeys and complete multi-stage authentication via a scriptable browser interface

How does Web Application Scanning work?

Website security scanners work by checking your website for common pitfalls and security issues that could be prone to attack. Rather than use a database of static signatures, the AppCheck platform approaches each test in the same way a hacker or penetration tester would and applies a testing methodology. This then reveals these issues within your website and infrastructure and provides suggestions for how these can be solved.


Benefits of AppCheck

Continuous Vulnerability Discovery

Discover new vulnerabilities as they arise with year-round 24/7 scanning capabilities. Why wait for annual reports when you can continuously scan your web applications to catch new vulnerabilities as soon as they are introduced. AppCheck emulates the process of a manual penetration with the frequency of an automated tool to discover zero days, OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, and 100,000+ known security flaws.

Scalable Solutions

AppCheck allows you to scan for vulnerabilities at scale with the click of a button. Discover the latest security flaws like a team ten times the size. Whether you are scanning 1 or 1,000 web applications, AppCheck has a solution to fit your needs. Each licence offers unlimited scans and unlimited users so you can share findings across all teams and scale as you grow.

Complete Vulnerability Management

All vulnerabilities are tracked and managed through the vulnerability management platform, giving you a complete system overview to show you what the outside world sees. With just a click you can produce professional penetration testing style reports which include a detailed technical narrative and remediation steps for all findings. AppCheck provides the full picture.

Advanced Configuration

Whether you just want to run a quick scan or are a power user who needs ultimate control, AppCheck allows complete flexibility. Scans can be run in a few clicks using profiles built by our security experts or built from scratch using the profile editor.

Cover Internal and External Estate

AppCheck provides a comprehensive vulnerability scanning platform that is designed to cover and test each layer of an organisation’s key IT systems for vulnerabilities, in one seamless and intuitive solution.

Scan in Production

Catch vulnerabilities early to avoid costly mistakes. Continuous assurance from automated scanning repeated as often as every code deploy. Quicker fixes take the strain off your team and shorten the attack window.

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Why use a web application scanner?

Due to their large and complex attack surface and the difficulty in ensuring they are secure, web applications continue to be a prime target in attacks for malicious hackers.

A single fault in an application, its framework, or even some third-party units can fully compromise your host or network. Temporary components such as micro-sites and marketing landing pages can become forgotten and unmaintained. If your website is not secure, this can lead to numerous issues including data breaches, loss of website control and even fraudulent transactions.

AppCheck combines open source intelligence gathering and a sophisticated browser based crawling engine to identify application components that could be vulnerable to attack, providing remediation advice with all findings.

Read more about the importance of vulnerability scanning.

Why choose AppCheck?

More basic vulnerability scanners may solely identify CVEs – common cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are identified based on recognised patterns and software versions. However, AppCheck’s web application scanner is designed by experienced penetration testers, making it more thorough and accurate at identifying complex issues.

The AppCheck crawling engine uses a combination of application modelling techniques and subtle heuristical cues to automatically discover the complete attack surface of any given application in the shortest time possible. The algorithms are designed to model how a penetration tester or attacker would explore the application, to detect subtle vulnerabilities that other tools often miss and opening up attack vectors that are inaccessible to less sophisticated crawlers.

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