AppCheck Case Studies


Complinity are India’s Leading Governance Risk and Compliance Software. They needed a tool that could constantly scan their software and infrastructure and make them aware of any vulnerabilities. 


ZARIOT are a provider of cellular network connectivity for IoT devices. They wanted the ability to regularly assess their live instance and check the pre-production during each development sprint to support their Agile product development.

Rail Delivery Group

Rail Delivery Group were struggling with a lack of visibility of the applications that they used or created. Outsourcing business created the issue of relying on third parties to be up to date and have little to no vulnerabilities in their networks and applications.

East Ayrshire Council

East Ayrshire Council have over 5,000 employees and a vast IT infrastructure. They needed a tool that could scan their internal and external environments, with a price tag that was right for a local authority.

North East London NHS Foundation Trust

North East London NHS Foundation Trust needed a cost effective vulnerability detection solution while ensuring high standards were in place surrounding cyber security for their 9,000 staff members.

Music Magpie

Music Magpie are an online business with 5 million customers who are buying on trust. Worried about the consequences of a security attack, they needed a solution that would help them be more proactive towards potential threats.

Mansfield Building Society

Mansfield Building Society had an IT team consisting of four generalists and were unhappy with the cost and duration of manual penetration testing engagements.

Being regulated by the PRA and FCA, cyber security needed to remain high on the agenda.

Queen’s University of Belfast

Being a university, they are a magnet for hackers testing and probing and trying to compromise their systems.

They needed a solution that could help lighten the vulnerability testing workload and reduce the cost of manual testing but still ensure maximum security.

The University of Derby

The University of Derby wanted to prioritise data security and risk mitigation. It was key to know that all their data was as secure as they could make it but, equally, that they were not using all their resource to do that.

Leeds Credit Union

Leeds Credit Union needed a way to test the security of their public facing systems to ensure that their members’ details are safe from would-be hackers. 

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine were struggling with a lack of visibility and weren’t sure how secure their applications were.

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