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Automate the discovery of security flaws within your network perimeter quicker, easier and more accurately with the AppCheck NG scanning tool.



AppCheck NG is a best-in-class Web Application and Infrastructure vulnerability scanner.

Designed and developed by experienced penetration testers, it offers unparalleled detection rates, accuracy and scalability. AppCheck NG can be deployed as single SaaS scanning system or as part of a distributed scanning network.

  • A single platform to identify and manage vulnerabilities and risks
  • An advanced scanning engine for accurate discovery and analysis of ‘Rich’ Internet Applications via a combined network and browserbased scanning engine
  • Supports complex multistage applications and authentication schemes
  • Confirms vulnerabilities through safe exploitation to eradicate false positives
  • Detects critical web application security flaws, as defined by the OWASP Top Ten
  • Strengthens security strategy with fast, intelligent web crawling and exceptional detection rates

How It Works

How It Works

AppCheck NG boasts one of the most intelligent SaaS web application scanning engines on the market.

It uses two integrated crawling technologies to discover components quickly and to identify hidden components through forced browsing. If a modern web browser such as Google Chrome can access the application, AppCheck NG can crawl it.

  • Advanced Crawling - Uses multiple crawling technologies to accurately identify application components even in JavaScript and Flash rich applications
  • Meticulous Assessment Techniques – Effectively identifies the diverse range of vulnerabilities within web applications and infrastructure
  • Leading Edge Technology – Ever evolving technology that is quickly updated in response to new vulnerabilities
  • Accurate Detection – Systematically validates every discovery, removing ‘false positives’ and retaining only the true issues
  • Clear Reports – Delivers comprehensive scan results in a proven easy-to-understand format



AppCheck NG scan reports present only the true vulnerability issues in an easy-to-understand format. Significant and valuable data and information is presented in a clear and useful way.

  • Workflow Management - Create multiple user accounts for team collaboration. Includes workflow management allowing you to assign and prioritise each vulnerability’s remediation to team members
  • Microsoft Word and CSV Reporting - Download custom filtered results and view via HTML, Docx or CSV. Includes a simple JSON data API for retrieving, aggregating, processing and reporting raw vulnerability data for use in third party applications
  • Multi-format Reports - Generate reports in Microsoft Word and CSV. PCI and UK Government PSN compatible formats

Licensing &

Licensing & Scalability

AppCheck is a specialist SaaS web application and external infrastructure vulnerability scanner that offers multiple licensing models for all needs and user case scenarios.

Licensing is based on either the number of URL’s and IP’s and gives unlimited scans to an unlimited amount of users.

  • Multiple Banding - Starting from 1-3 URL’s and 60 IP’s through to unlimited URL’s and IP’s
  • Unlimited Users - Giving multiple stakeholders access at no additional cost
  • SaaS Simplicity - Rolling out multiple users across multiple sites is a simple ‘click and drop’ process


Managed Service

The Appcheck NG Managed Service offers three levels of assistance, from support through to full managed service.

From technical assistance in setting scans up, through to full ownership of client scans, support services are tailored to your needs.

  • Multiple options depending on your technical expertise, available time, available budget and understanding of the latest vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive management of the scanning process from Schedule, Configure and Manage
  • Remediation advice provided via Penetration Testing Consultants
  • Sanitised reports that are free of false positives with each vulnerability verified through safe exploitation

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Identify security flaws within your network quicker, easier and more accurately with AppCheck Next Generation vulnerability scanning software.


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