AppCheck & Cantarus co-hosted Webinar

AppCheck and Cantarus co-hosted webinar

Here at AppCheck we love sharing our knowledge by hosting events and webinars across the year. This is made even better when we get to team up with our partners and tap into their experts to provide extra value.

This month we are working with Cantarus who really are a FULL-service digital agency, providing companies with assistance on web development and design, PPC, SEO, app development and much more… Obviously this requires a great development team and we are lucky enough to be co-hosting a webinar with Cantarus Infrastructure Services Manager, Chris Gray.
Chris is responsible for hosting services provided to clients and internally. His team are working on a range of exciting areas including web and app development, including their recently launched membership app.
Cantarus are long term AppCheck licence holders themselves and work with AppCheck to provide benefit to their customer base. [See more about becoming a partner here].


Webinar Details

‘How secure is your website and web applications? Staying one step ahead of a breach.’

Thursday 17th October 2019 – 11:00am BST

Hosted by:
Samir Rihane, AppCheck Channel Manager and Security Consultant
Chris Gray, Cantarus Infrastructure Manager

The latest statistics show that 43% of businesses have experienced a data breach in the last 12 months and roughly 1 in 4 organisations will experience a hack in the next year. What measures do you currently have in place to avoid this? Is your current testing strategy enough to stay ahead of the hackers?
This complimentary session will help give your business a brief insight into the many layers of website and web application security.

We will be exploring the following areas:

• Where your hidden threats might be,
• Key vulnerabilities that we see time and time again in the industry,
• Assumptions that can at times be made, leading to a false sense of security,
• What you can do as a business to improve your security posture including the offer of a FREE vulnerability assessment,
• The session will also highlight how other organisations use AppCheck’s unique approach to vulnerability discovery allowing you to stay one step ahead of a hack.

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