AppCheck supporting World Refugee Day

AppCheck supporting World Refugee Day and local humanitarian Rob Lawrie


In the run up to World Refugee Day on 20th June 2021, AppCheck held a fundraiser to support local humanitarian Rob Lawrie’s work with child refugees in camps across Europe.

We are proud to announce that with the help of our customers, partners, staff, friends and family we managed to raise a total of £1,180 for the cause.

Read on below to hear more about Rob’s amazing work and  how that money will be used to help refugees across Europe.



Having become deeply affected by images of child refugees on television over five years ago, Rob Lawrie was moved to help in any way that he could, and so began making regular van trips from his home in Leeds (UK) to the refugee camps (e.g. Calais, Dunkirk, Greece), sourcing and taking essential items for children, such as warm clothing, hard-wearing shoes, food and materials for tents/shelters. Rob has since dedicated all of his time to this cause – with significant cost to his personal life – gaining many online supporters and a high respect and trust of those within the camps, to whom he has become a friendly and familiar face.

Over the years, and working alongside other humanitarian organisations, Rob has managed to reunite child refugees with their families and has assisted them towards regaining a normal life through college/university enrolment, learning languages and finding employment.

We feel Rob Lawrie, and others like him, should be cherished and promoted as true role models for a better society and world, inspiring the rest of us to act when we see something that is wrong; and reminding ourselves that it could easily have been us and our children fleeing our home for safety to then live in the danger and squalor of a refugee camp and relying on people like Rob to maintain our sense of hope and humanity.


Use of Funds

Rob’s work is completely dependent on the ad hoc donations he receives from his own fundraising efforts or from his many followers on social media networks, so it is a constant struggle for him to stay in action; though every penny of donation he ensures is used to put a warm coat on a child’s back or to provide suitable footwear for protection against hazardous conditions of the camps, etc.

Note, 100% of funds raised here will be sent directly to Rob Lawrie to help with his efforts.


Find out More

To find out more about Rob Lawrie and his work, please take a look at the following links:


World Refugee Day


For more information about World Refugee Day, please see:


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We’d once again like to thanks you for helping support Rob on his mission.

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