What is Automated Penetration Testing?

Automated penetration testing is a vulnerability scanning technique whereby software is used to identify security flaws within websites, applications, network, and cloud infrastructure. It serves as a cost-effective alternative to manual penetration testing.

Automated Tool Benefits

Compared to manual pen-testing we find AppCheck much easier and more cost effective and feel confident vulnerabilities are being picked up all year round.East Ayrshire Council

Why Use Automated Penetration Testing?

Automated penetration testing plays a key role in ensuring you have a strong and vigilant security process in place. It can be a vital and cost-effective method of discovering potential vulnerabilities within your systems year-round and can result in an increased awareness of the relative strength and protection that your current systems and networks provide.

Why Choose AppCheck?

Automated Penetration Testing Benefits

Not only does AppCheck allow year-round testing but the software is actively maintained by a team of manual penetration testers and security consultants. This means that when new vulnerabilities appear in the industry; the AppCheck team are first to respond with a plug-in that enables our clients to quickly check for the specific security flaw to ensure they are not vulnerable.


Year-round scanning 24/7 means no gaps in your testing

New exploit detections added constantly

Instantly re-scan once vulnerabilities have been fixed

Produce professional penetration testing style reports with a click anytime

Full OWASP vulnerability coverage including injection, XSS, RCE, zero days, plus 100,000+ known security flaws


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