Case Study – Leeds Credit Union

We always like it when companies take proactive steps towards IT security – even better when they are based in Leeds and we get to support a local business.

See what Leeds Credit Union had to say about us when we sat down and caught up with their IT team.


Who are Leeds Credit Union?

We are a not for profit community based financial services organisation created to service the needs of the less wealthy or financially excluded members of the Leeds and Wakefield area.  We offer low interest loans as well as budgeting services to help people get out of debt and avoid doorstep lenders (loan sharks).


What was the business need for AppCheck?

We needed a way to test the security of our public facing systems to ensure that our members’ details are safe from would-be hackers.  This is also important as we maintain a high public profile in order to gain new members.  If we were to suffer a breach it would badly affect our reputation and therefore our business.


What were your main challenges with security before AppCheck?

Simply not knowing how secure or vulnerable we were.  It is not a good feeling not knowing if or when you could suffer a breach.


Why did you choose AppCheck?

We looked at several other options and even tested them out.  First was on-site penetration testing but this was only a one-off test that had to be paid for at every re-test.  Another system was a hardware device but this was incredibly complex (albeit very good) and, as with both of these options, worked out way more expensive over time.

The AppCheck system allows us to make a change as often as we wish and re-test immediately at no additional cost to us.


What has been the main impact of implementing this tool?

It has allowed us to enact changes and test them immediately.  This saves on worrying, re-test costs and, as it runs without human interaction, man hours too.


What is your favourite thing about AppCheck?

The help provided by the very friendly staff at AppCheck makes for a very welcome addition to the service.  This is a cliché, but they really do go the extra mile to help out.


Can you sum up AppCheck in one line?

Friendly, cost-effective and simplified security.


What advice would you give to other companies looking to manage vulnerabilities?

Give them a try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Download the case study PDF here


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