Case Study – The Royal College of Emergency Medicine

We recently caught up with the IT Team over at The Royal College of Emergency Medicine to collect their thoughts on AppCheck and see how they are getting on with the tool. Read below to see what they had to say.


Can you tell us about your organisation?

We are a charity membership organisation established to advance education and research in Emergency Medicine.  We set standards of training and administer examinations.  We also work to establish high quality care by setting and monitoring standards of care and provide expert guidance and advice on policy to relevant bodies on matters relating to Emergency Medicine.


Why did you need a tool like AppCheck?

We realised that this was an area that we had overlooked and as it is a membership organisation holding members personal data, and with the nature of their work it felt prudent to set up penetration testing at a high calibre to ensure we are showing due diligence around information security.


What were your main challenges with security before you started scanning regularly?

No checks were being made, we had no idea how secure our applications were, or if anyone could access our systems and data. This lack of visibility left us with an element of guesswork we just weren’t comfortable with.


Why did you choose AppCheck?

I attended an AppCheck presentation and the product impressed me with both its simplicity and the precise results it produced at the push of a button.

A major factor in choosing AppCheck was that it quickly shows the areas we need to act on and eliminates the guesswork.


What has been the impact of using AppCheck for your organisation?  

The first time we used AppCheck, we found that all areas had issues. AppCheck highlighted a number of security flaws which were presented both within the interface and a downloadable report. For each vulnerability that was discovered, the information that was presented made finding and fixing the vulnerabilities straight forward.

When we ran the assessment again the flaws that were initially discovered had been remediated, giving us that peace of mind knowing that we’re continuously improving our security posture.


What is your favourite thing about the AppCheck tool itself?

The reports that AppCheck produces are detailed and clearly presented with vulnerabilities that are to CVSS standard and colour coded on severity, making it easy to prioritise.

With all the big GDPR fines lately it is good to know our company is taking positive steps to improve our security. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Can you sum up your experience with AppCheck in one line?

Professional, helpful, quick to respond and good customer relations. Cannot fault them here.


What advice would you give to other companies looking to manage vulnerabilities?

If you are thinking about automated vulnerability testing then DO IT! It gives you peace of mind knowing scans are being completed regularly.

Use a professional organisation such as AppCheck to assist you as they know best!


Download the case study PDF here


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