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ZARIOT wanted the ability to regularly assess their live instance and check the pre-production during each development sprint to support their Agile product development. They also wanted a robust and ongoing security policy for their customer portal.

They were struggling with manual testing as these soon became outdated and didn’t fit with their development procedures. 

Now they are able to quickly and efficiently check new releases, allowing them to roll out new features with confidence.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your organisation

My name is Jimmy Jones, and I am the Head of Security at ZARIOT.

ZARIOT are a provider of cellular network connectivity for IoT devices (MVNO). We leverage our technical capabilities and expertise to differentiate ourselves in the market, providing additional value-added services with a particular focus on security and device control. We have been recognized within the industry for our network security, winning a GSMA GLOMO award in 2021. My role includes the companies general cyber security, but also the functionality and solutions we offer to our customers to enhance their IoT deployments.

What was the business need for AppCheck?

The primary need was to create a robust and ongoing security policy for our customer portal. ZARIOT developed our own portal to allow us the flexibility to support the additional cellular services we provide, as well as to enable simple and effective management of our SIMs. As a company with security at its core, we wanted the ability to regularly assess the live instance and check the pre-production during each development sprint, so supporting our Agile product development.

We have now extended the use of the tool for all other external borders of our network.

What were your main challenges with security before AppCheck?

We had engaged security specialists to run a full assessment of the portal and completed the mitigation they suggested. However, before AppCheck we did not have the ability to run regular checks or assess our new software before we upgraded the live instance.

In parallel to running the manual security assessment we decided to create an ongoing security policy and AppCheck is key to that.

Why did you choose AppCheck?

After viewing a couple of options, we felt that AppCheck gave us the comprehensive vulnerability scanning we needed, coupled with the most intuitive and simple to use portal. We consider the usability to be key as we want the tool available for as many parts of our business as possible. We consider the straightforwardness of AppCheck as one of its most powerful benefits.

We were also impressed with the service we received during the sales process and since taking the solution I am happy to say the support has been exemplary.

What is your favourite thing about AppCheck?

The tool itself is great but I have to say my favourite thing about AppCheck is the support. It really is outstanding.

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Sum up your experience with AppCheck in one paragraph

When you make a decision to take a service you can never be 100% sure if it is a good choice, however AppCheck has proved to be better than I expected. It has addressed the use cases we wanted as management and the staff using it have quickly accepted it and all universally like it. From day one I have been very impressed by AppCheck as a service and as an organisation.

What has been the impact of using AppCheck?

AppCheck has picked up patching we had missed when we rebuilt a device in the live environment, but the biggest benefit has probably been its usefulness for the development team. There it has been able to quickly and efficiently check new releases, allowing us to roll out new features with confidence.

What advice would you give to other companies looking to manage vulnerabilities?

Give them a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Obviously, every company is different, but I would not hesitate to recommend AppCheck to any company looking to manage their cyber security. At ZARIOT we have been hugely impressed by AppCheck, the staff and the technology have been a pleasure to deal with.

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