COVID Christmas Webinar

Join our latest webinar addressing the difficulties ecommerce companies face from a security perspective, made all the more vital with the addition of GDPR fines and the onset of the busy holiday season.



Primarily, e-commerce sites of all sizes are susceptible to attack because they process credit card information, email addresses, and passwords for user accounts. If not properly secured, credit card numbers and other data can be stolen by attackers, leaving financial impact and loss of reputation for the e-commerce provider.

As we approach a busy time for ecommerce with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season fast approaching, and with lockdown ensuring online purchases will rise to astronomical figures this year, it is worth reflecting on cyber security as leaving yourself open to attack just isn’t an option. 

In this webinar we will review common ecommerce attack vectors and vulnerabilities, how hackers can exploit your websites (with live hack examples), what you can do to protect yourself and where AppCheck comes in as an automated penetration testing tool to make sure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable.  



– Vulnerabilities in popular eCommerce platforms
– Vulnerabilities in Mageno, wordpress, opencart, woocommerce and other common platforms
– Vulnerabilities in application code (such as those listed in the OWASP top 10)
– SQL injection primer
– Demo
– Attacks against the supply chain
– Insecure cloud and third party trust relationships
– Exploiting third party trust demo
– Detecting vulnerabilities in ecommerce platforms

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