Citrix Content Collaboration ShareFile Improper Access Control Vulnerability (CVE-2023-24489)

Background & Context

Citrix Content Collaboration is a file sharing and data repository that enables users to manage and share documents from anywhere. It aims to streamline document workflows, manage how sensitive files are stored, extend the capabilities of existing Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments, and combine the simplicity of personal file sharing with enterprise-grade security controls.

ShareFile is a secure content collaboration, file sharing and sync software that supports all the document-centric tasks and workflow needs of small and large businesses.


Vulnerability Summary

A vulnerability has been discovered in the customer-managed ShareFile storage zones controller. CVE-2023-24489 is a cryptographic bug in CitrixShareFile’s Storage Zones Controller, a .NET web application running under IIS. The application uses AES encryption with CBC mode and PKCS7 padding but does not correctly validate decrypted data. This vulnerability allows unauthenticated attackers to upload arbitrary files.


Impact If Exploited

An unauthenticated remote attacker could exploit one of these vulnerabilities to perform remote code execution. If exploited, the vulnerability would allow an unauthenticated attacker to remotely compromise the customer-managed ShareFile storage zones controller.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: A proof-of-concept has been released for CVE-2023-24489, and there is evidence of attempts to exploit this vulnerability in the wild. This vulnerability has been reported by the CISA (America’s Cyber Defense Agency) to be known to be currently actively exploited in the wild as of 17th August 2023. A search online shows roughly 1000-6000 instances of the impacted product are internet accessible and may be exploitable.


Affected Product Versions

Citrix Content Collaboration prior to version 5.11.24


Official Fix & Remediation Guidance

This attack could pose a serious security threat. You should take immediate action to stop any damage or prevent further damage from happening.

This issue has been addressed in ShareFile storage zones controller 5.11.24 and later versions. Customers are required to upgrade to the fixed version. The latest version of ShareFile storage zones controller is available from the following location:

[[ 511.html]]

All customer-managed ShareFile storage zones controllers versions prior to the latest version 5.11.24 have been blocked to protect customers. Customers will be able to reinstate the storage zones controller once the update to 5.11.24 is applied.

NOTE: Remediation of this vulnerability by patching to a specific version indicated may not be sufficient to secure the product against further vulnerabilities discovered in later versions, subsequent to the publication of this guidance. Unless contra-indicated, customers are therefore advised to always upgrade to the latest version of the product available.


Temporary Mitigation & Workarounds

(The vendor has not advised of any alternative temporary mitigation or workarounds)


NOTE: Caution should always be taken in applying any temporary mitigations listed. Mitigations are only recommended in cases where patches to remediate the vulnerability are not available, or cannot safely be applied to a given environment immediately. A given mitigation may not in all cases be recommended officially by the application vendor. The viability of any given temporary mitigation measure may vary, depending on server platform and existing configuration. Mitigations listed may incompletely remediate any given vulnerability. Configuration changes to implement listed mitigations may impact/disrupt required functionality within a given customer application. Care should therefore be taken to carefully analyse any listed mitigations for appropriateness to a given environment.

Customers are advised to test any configuration changes prior to their being introduced into a production environment.

For Updates please see: [[­ cve202324489]]



AppCheck has added a plugin to detect the flaw that will run as part of your standard scans.


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