Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)


DAST Tool Features

 In-depth automated testing that allows ad-hoc, scheduled and continuous security testing

Full OWASP vulnerability coverage including injection, XSS, RCE, zero days, plus 100,000+ known security flaws

Deliver automated vulnerability testing through your build servers such as MS Azure DevOps, Jenkins and Team City

Manage and distribute discovered vulnerabilities through your in-house ticketing systems such as JIRA

Automate the discovery of vulnerabilities within complex web applications such as single page applications

Thoroughly scan and test your APIs including WSDL, Swagger and Graph QL endpoints for security flaws

Track vulnerabilities, spot trends and instantly see which areas of your environment are most at risk

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We tested multiple DAST solutions and AppCheck stood out as the tool to tick all of the boxes. Frost & Sullivan

AppCheck named DAST Leader 
in G2 Grid Report | Winter 2024

A DAST tool that adapts for your strategy

Why use a DAST tool?

DAST should be used as an integral part of your security processes to uncover a wide range of web application vulnerabilities and can be used alongside an array of other testing tools and systems in order to maximise your security. By incorporating DAST into your testing processes you can help cover your applications from external attacks by discovering potential vulnerabilities and removing these before they can be exploited.

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