External Vulnerability Scanning

External vulnerability scanning secures the perimeter of your network from external threats, such as cyber criminals seeking to exploit or disrupt your internet facing infrastructure.  Our state-of-the-art external vulnerability scanner can assist in strengthening and bolstering your external networks, which are most-prone to attack due to their ease of access.

Advantages of using an External Vulnerability Scanner

Implementation of an external vulnerability scanning system into your cybersecurity processes can result in an increased awareness of the relative strength and protection that your current systems and networks provide and plays a key role in ensuring you have a strong and vigilant security process in place.

It can be a vital and cost-effective method of discovering potential vulnerabilities year-round.

Benefits of AppCheck

With AppCheck we are now constantly scanning our internal and external estate and have regular scans running against our most critical sites and infrastructure.North East London NHS Foundation Trust

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What is External Vulnerability Scanning?

An external vulnerability scanner conducts scans of exposed external systems that have the potential to be hacked. 

External vulnerability scanners explore all of your potential weaknesses that a hacker would discover and inform you of how to resolve these before they can be exploited.

Why Do I Need External Vulnerability Scanning?

External vulnerability scanning is essential for ensuring the maximum level of protection for your business. Your externally facing systems are the most vulnerable to attacks, whether this is in the form of gaining access to systems, stealing sensitive data or simply crashing your site.

Therefore, in order to protect against these, you need to remain vigilant and the simplest way is to employ regular, year-round vulnerability scans.

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