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Now more than ever an organisation’s online assets are critical to business performance. AppCheck wants to help you!


When speaking to our customers, the vast majority have responded to the current climate by increasing their online activity, such as introducing new website functionality; increasing the ‘click to actions’ for customers and building new micro-sites to ensure it’s business as usual for the commercial teams.
Additionally, hundreds of our customers have set up WFM (work from home) which has required changes to firewall rules and IT architecture.
These quick changes can leave vulnerable doors open that hackers are actively looking to exploit.


Now more than ever, is your website / online activity critical to driving business performance? What would be the impact of a hack?

Have you recently made changes to your Web Applications? Have you security tested to ensure the changes are secure?

Have you implemented changes to your IT infrastructure / firewalls to accommodate WFM? Have you security tested to ensure the changes are secure?


Let us help! Take advantage of our complimentary automated penetration test


Take a no obligation, no hassle, complimentary automated penetration test with AppCheck and let our internal consultants provide you a thorough CVSS security report detailing our findings and recommended remediation. Our goal is to uncover all High, Medium and Low risk vulnerabilities, including the OWASP TOP 10.


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