Product Update: Windows Patch Detection Enhancements

We are pleased to announce enhancements to our Windows Patch Detection service within the scanner. This update falls in line with a number of major and minor updates designed to allow clients to be more proactive about security.

Windows patches are updates or fixes provided by Microsoft to address vulnerabilities, improve security, and optimise the performance of Windows operating systems. Our new feature enhancement streamlines the process of checking for these changes by automatically scanning Windows devices to identify any missing patches and check for specific patch configurations, such as registry settings.

These missing patches and configurations are then cross-referenced against our internal database, known as VulnFeed, which is continuously updated with the latest patch information available from consuming the Microsoft Security Updates API. This ensures that our customers receive up-to-date vulnerability data relevant to their systems. Additionally, this process helps reduce the occurrence of false positives in their reports, ensuring accurate and actionable information for maintaining system security.


Benefits this feature provides:

  • Automated scanning and identification of missing patches for Windows authenticated scans
  • Integration with VulnFeed internal service to facilitate dynamic reporting
  • Reporting of missing Windows patches
  • Reporting of vulnerabilities associated with missing patches
  • Reporting of mis-configurated settings associated with missing patches




Additional Information

As always, if you require any more information on this topic or want to see what unexpected vulnerabilities AppCheck can pick up in your website and applications then please contact us:


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