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AppCheck NG produces sophisticated reports delivered in an easy to interpret format.

Microsoft Word and CSV reporting

Download custom filtered results and view via HTML, Docx or CSV. AppCheck NG includes a simple JSON data API for retrieving, aggregating, processing and reporting raw vulnerability data for use in third party applications.

Workflow Management

Create multiple (unlimited) user accounts to allow team collaboration. AppCheck NG includes workflow management allowing you to assign and prioritise each vulnerability’s remediation to nominated members of your team.

Vulnerability Tracker and Progress

Manage and easily track discovered vulnerabilities and your organisations remediation progress through the vulnerability tracker and analysis tool.


Gain full visibility of your scanning history with AppCheck NG’s log auditing tool, easily allow organisations to track user activity - users creating and running scans, logging in and out, updating emails/username, remediating vulnerabilities and deleting and modifying reports.

Download a sample report here.

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