Software Updates 11/08/23

This blog post summarises AppCheck’s latest software releases for August 2023, from executive summaries to better present information to caching enhancements to improve load speeds, these updates collectively aim to improve user experience and streamline various tasks within the system.

Executive Summary Report: A new summary report has been added to the “All Vulnerabilities” page. It will also be included on individual scan pages in the next release.

Page Load Performance: To enhance page loading speed, additional cache data has been incorporated. Scans now store vulnerability counts and related information in cache, reducing the need for frequent queries. A “Refresh Cache” button has been added to the scan page to update the cache if it becomes outdated.

Scan Status Filtering: The “All Scans” page now features a dropdown filter to sort scans based on their status. Customers can use this feature to easily find scans with specific statuses like running or paused.

Infrastructure Scanner Settings: Changes have been made to the infrastructure scanner settings. It now supports SSH keys and sudo switching, enhancing authentication scanning for Linux/Unix systems. This eliminates the need for passwords, improving security by enabling the use of more secure keys.

GoScript Runner Enhancement: The GoScript runner now correctly supports local variables, improving its functionality.

High SLA Compliance: An impressive 98.8% of support tickets are being efficiently addressed within the designated Service Level Agreement (SLA) timeframe.


Streamlined AppCheck Scan Hubs with New Firmware Update:

AppCheck Scan hubs have now been converted to firmware. What does this mean for you? The installation process has been made more efficient as we now provide a single binary blob for the entire operating system.

This simplifies updates, making them easier to deploy in controlled environments. This means that nothing is persisted in the main OS so the chances of a breaking change being made by misconfiguration are greatly reduced as restarting will reset the scan hub to the latest firmware.

This upgrade has occurred to existing scan hubs automatically and new scan hubs are now installed from an ISO image, which greatly reduces issues faced by customers installing from the previous OVA images avoiding conversion and sizing issues.

The latest firmware versions is 1.0.6, we are expecting new tooling for helping to manage hubs and expand their capability to be developed over the next 12 months.


Our team remains dedicated to enhancing functionality and ultimately providing you with a smoother and more efficient user journey. Your valuable feedback guides our continuous efforts to improve, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with your account manager. As we move forward, stay tuned for more innovations and updates and stay tuned in the coming months for a roadmap of expected major releases.


About AppCheck

AppCheck is a software security vendor based in the UK, offering a leading security scanning platform that automates the discovery of security flaws within organisations websites, applications, network, and cloud infrastructure. AppCheck are authorized by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA).


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