The Great Database Heist: Where’d all my Data Just Go!?

Thursday 21st May 2020 – 11am or 3pm

Hosted by Nick Blundell, Head of Research & Development at AppCheck

The Great Database Heist: Where’d all my Data Just Go!?


The team here at AppCheck would like to invite you and your colleagues to our next 1-hour webinar.

This is a brand new session we are presenting for the first time including all new content surrounding SQL and NoSQL Injection attacks, exploits and prevention techniques.



Databases are fantastic – providing a standardised interface for creating, updating, reading and deleting data from a back-end system. They can be optimised to efficiently service your applications data storage and retrieval requirements, allowing it to scale effortlessly… and, via common pitfalls in their use, they can give a hacker access to all your data too.

When paired with a public web interface, it becomes critical to ensure that any data access or modification is strictly controlled. When attackers are able to bypass installed access controls and exploit common pitfalls in web application implementations, they can often gain the “keys to the kingdom” – the ability to modify, create or delete any or all of an organisation’s data, at will.

We will explore how such common OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities arise, looking at SQL and NoSQL injection attacks and exploits, and importantly at how to avoid them, sparing no detail whilst being accessible also at a non-technical level.



  • The basics of SQL injection
  • Advanced exploitation
  • NoSQL vulnerabilities and exploitation
  • How to avoid these vulnerabilities


Benefit to the delegate:

  • Unlimited delegates per organisation, therefore a FREE 1-hour training session for all personnel
  • An appreciation of the exploitation potential of SQL and NoSQL
  • An understanding of how to avoid these vulnerabilities
  • Speaker is an expert in the field with 10 + years pen testing experience and now heads up AppCheck’s Research & Development program
  • The client can also book a free assessment using our automated penetration testing tool (prior to or following the webinar) against an owned target of their choice


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