Webinar: Are third party software applications exposing businesses to cyber-threats?

Join us for an informative webinar which will explore the risks of using untested software applications within a corporate environment.


Title: Are third party software applications exposing businesses to cyber-threats?

Date: Thursday 13th February 2020 – 11am – 12pm GMT

Hosted by: Equilibrium Cyber Security Services & AppCheck Ltd


What will the session cover?

  • Why it is important to regularly test your third-party applications for vulnerabilities
  • How to develop an effective vulnerability management strategy which minimises the risks posed by supply chain software applications
  • How to discover unknown security holes in your corporate applications so that you can keep your critical data safe from cyber-criminals


Who should attend?

Technical audience: IT Manager/ Director, CTO/ CIO, Cyber Security Manager etc


Benefit to the delegate:

  • Unlimited delegates per organisation, therefore a FREE 1-hour training session for all personnel
  • The client can also book a free assessment using our automated penetration testing tool (prior to or following the webinar) against an owned target of their choice


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