Webinar: Understanding the Complexities of Web Application Security

Join us for an in-depth look into the risks and vulnerabilities of your web applications with our partners Cantarus Digital Agency.


Title: Understanding the complexities of web application security

Date: Wednesday 26th February 2020 – 11am – 12pm GMT

Hosted by: Cantarus Digital Agency & AppCheck Ltd


Due to their large and complex attack surface and the difficulty in ensuring they are secure, web applications continue to be a prime target in attacks. All it takes is a flaw in the application itself, its framework, the web server or proxy server configuration, or even some third-party component (e.g. a JavaScript library that is embedded on each web page) to lead to a full compromise of a host or network.

In this session, we will talk both generally about the trends in web application security and look at specific examples of how key vulnerabilities arise (e.g. discussing how, without adequate sanitisation, tainted user input can reach dangerous functions within some layer of the system), paying particular attention to those more subtle cases that usually go under the radar, such as within HTML5 applications. The webinar will also explore hacking scenarios based on real-world examples.


Take Away Points:

  • Gain an appreciation of the attack surface complexity of modern web applications
  • An insight into how vulnerabilities manifest, whatever their particular form, and their detection through means of inference and signatures
  • Examples of subtle, lesser-detected yet high impact vulnerabilities, such as those relating to HTML5
  • An appreciation of sound versus flawed input validation and sanitation


Benefits to the delegate:

  • FREE web app training,
  • Unlimited delegates per business,
  • Expert speaker in the field with 10+ years of penetration testing experience,
  • Free assessment using our automated penetration testing tool (prior to or following the webinar) against an owned target of choice.


Sign up on their website here or using the form below: https://www.cantarus.com/appcheck-security-webinar




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