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Upcoming Events

Web Application Security Seminar

We have several dates booked and confirmed for this year, including London at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club which will be taking place on Friday 26th July 2019. Please contact info@appcheck-ng.com for information

Details for our web application security seminar can be found here

The Web Application Security seminar is a free event that presents a detailed analysis of the most common threats facing web applications today. We will review high profile examples and provide a technical breakdown of critical security flaws along with an introduction into emerging technologies such as HTML5. Each candidate will receive a copy of the slides and exclusive tools and exploit code used in the live hacking demonstrations

Seminar content includes :-

Course Overview

Insecure web applications are among the greatest security threats to organisations today. To counter these threats AppCheck-NG will host a web application security seminar to dissect these threats in detail and discuss how they impact organisations.

In the last year alone, AppCheck-NG completed over 7000 web application vulnerability scans for some of the UK’s leading organisations. Whilst carrying out these scans, we have uncovered a range of recurring, high risk vulnerabilities. This seminar presents a summary of our most recent findings, including live demonstrations of hacking techniques and most importantly, common sense remediation activities.

Course Outcomes

Each attendee is provided with the AppCheck Web Application and Infrastructure Scanner which they are also able to trial, free of charge, upon completion of the course.

Key Benefits

This training module provides attendees with the following benefits:-

Upcoming Events

Live webinar: XSS Everywhere! What is it, why should I care, and how can I avoid it?

To register for the event, please email info@appcheck-ng.com and select the slot you prefer


Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is by far the most widespread high impact vulnerability present even in the best of web applications, regardless of the framework or programming language employed - a burly steadfast member of the OWASP Top 10.

Here at AppCheck the client-side nature of typical XSS has led to a general underappreciation of its exploitation potential, though a good understanding of the vulnerability and its subtle variations will show how it can be used to devastating effect... and more importantly: how it can be avoided. In this seminar we will build up piece-by-piece an understanding of XSS that spares no detail

Take Away Points:

Additional Info:

If you require any further information on the talk or AppCheck’s vulnerability testing capabilities then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please contact info@appcheck-ng.com for information