Product Update: GoScript Setup Wizard

We’re thrilled to announce a major enhancement to the GoScript editor that will transform how you create and manage your login scripts. Say hello to our brand-new, user-friendly ‘wizard’ that simplifies the entire process!


What’s New?

The GoScript Setup Wizard is here to guide you through every step of building and validating error-free scripts for your scan profiles. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to:

  • Input Essentials: Easily provide the relevant URL, username, password, and target scope.
  • Automated Script Generation: Watch as the wizard generates your script and tests it against your credentials.
  • Endpoint Analysis: Once you supply the scope, the wizard will analyse requests and responses from the endpoint.



Benefits this feature provides:

  • Real-Time Feedback: Stay informed with real-time logging and screenshots, making it easy to review and troubleshoot later.
  • No-Code Solution: Perfect for users who aren’t familiar with GoScript syntax—create scripts effortlessly without any coding knowledge.
  • Error Prevention: The wizard verifies all necessary script executions, helping to prevent authentication errors before running a scan.


With the GoScript Setup Wizard, we’re not just making script creation easier—we’re making it smarter, faster, and more reliable.

We are looking forward to bringing more wizard process’s into the platform to assist our users with all aspects of their security management, stay tuned for the next product update.





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Additional Information

As always, if you require any more information on this topic or want to see what unexpected vulnerabilities AppCheck can pick up in your website and applications then please contact us:


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