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New feature announcement: Subdomain takeover audit

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In this article we will address the current situation, how hackers can exploit your websites, what you can do to protect yourself and where AppCheck comes in as an automated penetration testing tool to make sure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable.
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We will provide a high-level overview of why web app security is important with case studies into recent hacks before looking at how you as a business can help mitigate these attacks with practical advice.
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In this article we are going to take a look at one of the newer technologies used in modern web applications, the “WebSockets” that were standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 2011.
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Insecure Direct Object Reference, is a common web application vulnerability that allows an attacker to bypass mis-configured logical access controls and access sensitive data. In this article, we will step through looking at what IDOR is, how it can often be introduced as a vulnerability, how an attacker is able to exploit it, and how to defend against it.
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CyberWhite sat down with our Head of Development, Graham Bacon, to discuss all things AppCheck.
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Essentially a SPA is a client-side dynamic web application that makes a full HTML page load initially but thereafter responds to all DOM events initiated by actions such as clicking on links by dynamically rewriting the current web page, rather than the default method in a traditional “multi-page” web application of the browser loading entire new pages.

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