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AppCheck Discovers Vulnerability in Auth0 Library (CVE-2017-17068)

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Cross-Site Tracing is a particularly elaborate vulnerability that, like cross-site scripting, involves the ability to move data between different origins (essential between different web sites, within the context of this article) in an exploitative way that bypasses controls intended to prevent such transfer.
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In this article, we take a look at the security model that the Web Messaging API (a.k.a. “Cross-Document Messaging”) – is built on, why the security measures that it introduces are necessary, and some of the potential mis-configurations that can undermine the API’s security model.
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Security researcher Amir Etemadieh has released a pre-authentication zero-day remote command execution (RCE) exploit in vBulletin. This exploit is bypasses the patch for a previous RCE in vBulletin 5.0 through 5.4 and has since been assigned CVE-2019-16759.
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East Ayrshire Council have over 5,000 employees and a vast IT infrastructure. They needed a tool that could scan their internal and external environments, with a price tag that was right for a local authority. Read on to find out how AppCheck could help.
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Following a popular response from the launch of our Azure Pipeline Integration we have decided to run a webinar exploring the benefits of testing in the SDLC with a deep dive into our integration and how this can help you deliver cheaper and faster security coverage, at lower cost and with greater assurance.
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AppCheck is pleased to announce official support for integration into Microsoft’s Azure Pipelines.

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