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In this blog post we summarize some of the uses to which randomness can be put in computing – and cybersecurity especially – and investigate what pitfalls can occur when randomness is inappropriately sourced, generated or supplied in support of cybersecurity functions.
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In this blog post we look at what JSON Web Tokens are, how they are typically implemented, and what security concerns should be borne in mind when choosing to implement them within your own web applications.
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This blog post summarises AppCheck’s latest software releases for June 2023, from adding minor enhancements to the UI to enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for new accounts for added security, these updates collectively aim to improve user experience and streamline various tasks within the system.
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In this blog post, we take a look at how security software can become out of date and what risks that might post for an organisation if left unaddressed.
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If you think you would benefit from understanding how hackers are actively exploiting web applications and APIs today, including hacking demonstrations, prevention techniques, a review of the latest hacks, and a detailed overview of the vulnerability threat landscape, please respond today to secure your seats. (We’ll also take a sneak peek into the benefits, challenges, and recommendations for automated security testing of complex Web Applications and APIs)
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