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Citrix Content Collaboration is a file sharing and data repository that enables users to manage and share documents from anywhere. It aims to streamline document workflows, manage how sensitive files are stored, extend the capabilities of existing Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments, and combine the simplicity of personal file sharing with enterprise-grade security controls. ShareFile is a secure content collaboration, file sharing and sync software that supports all the document-centric tasks and workflow needs of small and large businesses.
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In this blog post, we look at how the concept of “red teaming” originated, how it can be applied to cybersecurity, and what benefits it can offer within the context of a holistic cybersecurity management programme.
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This blog post summarises AppCheck’s latest software releases for August 2023, from executive summaries to better present information to caching enhancements to improve load speeds, these updates collectively aim to improve user experience and streamline various tasks within the system.
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In this blog post we look at the concept of “fuzzing”, a technique used in software testing to tease out vulnerabilities that may exist in code – typically relating to the handling of input from users – by testing specific input variants. We focus on fuzzing as it applies to web applications in particular, and how it works under the hood.
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If you think you would benefit from understanding how hackers are actively exploiting web applications and APIs today, including hacking demonstrations, prevention techniques, a review of the latest hacks, and a detailed overview of the vulnerability threat landscape, please respond today to secure your seats. (We’ll also take a sneak peek into the benefits, challenges, and recommendations for automated security testing of complex Web Applications and APIs)
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This blog post summarises AppCheck’s latest software releases for July 2023. These changes are paving the way for a more asset-centric approach, aligning with our goal of providing you with even better insights and services.

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