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Reflecting on AppCheck: Stephen Gierke

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Rail Delivery Group were struggling with a lack of visibility of the applications that they used or created. Outsourcing business created the issue of relying on third parties  to be up to date and have little to no vulnerabilities in their networks and applications. AppCheck was able to provide this visibility and ensure it could be easily presented to stakeholders in the business. 
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In this blog post, we look at how exactly session hijacking works in practice, the underlying mechanics of session management that permit it to occur, how attackers may choose to exploit the weakness when it is discovered, and how website users and site administrators can best safeguard themselves and their organisations against the exploit.
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In this blog post, we investigate how and why HTTP parameter pollution is possible at all, how it can potentially be exploited to undermine web application security, and how it can be guarded against by developers, system architects and others.
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Application Programming Interfaces or APIs have existed for decades. However, they have recently seen a significant expansion in usage from their traditional use within areas such as Business to Business (B2B) or partner integrations into several new areas. [read more…]
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The OWASP Foundation, well-known for publishing a regular “Top 10” of web application security risks, recently published an “API Security Top 10”. It hasn’t received the same attention as its better-known sibling to date, but we’ll take a look at the vulnerabilities presented, and how you can best address them within your organisation’s API development.
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In this blog post we take a step back and provide a high-level introduction to infrastructure vulnerability scanning: what it covers, what it aims to achieve, and how it contrasts to other vulnerability scanning methodologies and techniques.

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