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An Introduction to Web Shells

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The OWASP Penetration Testing Checklist is aimed at delivering a baseline standard against which potential vendor solutions can be assessed to ensure that a prospective web application security testing provider delivers a service that is sufficient
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On the 15th of July 2021 Umbraco and AppCheck released a Security Advisory to alert users of a vulnerability within the Umbraco Forms component that could be exploited to gain remote code execution on the affected system.
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The OWASP Top 10 Privacy Risks list is an attempt to curate a completely neutral set of prioritised privacy risks for businesses to consider, as well as a recommended set of countermeasures for businesses to deploy against the occurrence of those risks.
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AppCheck has many features and is constantly being updated. Here we look at just two, authenticated scanning and card-skimming.
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The Web Application Security seminar is a free event that presents a detailed analysis of the most common threats facing web applications today. We will review high profile examples and provide a technical breakdown of critical security flaws along with an introduction into emerging technologies.
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Customers new to the AppCheck platform can often be surprised at the number of vulnerabilities that AppCheck highlights relating to transport encryption offered on their services – unencrypted (plaintext) services, web applications with vulnerable cipher suites, encryption libraries containing exploitable flaws, registration forms that email users passwords in clear text. The list of checks that AppCheck performs is extensive, and on a website that has not previously been covered by regular vulnerability scanning, the extent of encryption issues can be surprising

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